Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I would like more comments on all my efforts please. Thanks Aunt Frances & cubbymama, but where is everyone else?!?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Portland, Oregon

So, I took Abigail to Portland for Courtney's (my best friend from college) baby shower. She is expecting baby Max on March 2nd.

Abigail was really excited this time to be going on a plane, it's amazing that just since the last time she flew in Aug, I was able to explain how we were going up in the sky, etc. She LOVED it. She talked about the 'pwane' for days.

While there, she was a trooper, just go-go-go on pretty much no naps. She played with Courtney's family's kids all day (the photos of them playing around in the bed are her first time ever really giggling with other little girls!). I caught up with my friend Marie & watched Courtney open package after package of blue-themed clothes & baby gear. It was a great girls trip for Abby & I. Next time we go, she'll be showing baby Max the ropes!

First 'Real' Haircut

So, yes, the 1970s English footballer hairstyle needed tidying up. So we went to Lollilocks, where they make a big deal out of a girl's first real haircut by having a car to sit in, a lollipop, a hairclip & a certificate with a lock of the hair. Abby would go nowhere near the car so she sat on my lap. She was plenty interested in the lollipop of course.


No words necessary.

The Parkers

My sister Alexandra gave Abigail a very cute electronic photo album for Christmas: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tomy-Discovery-Forget-Photo-Album/dp/B0019RC632

A recorded voice sounds out as she turns each page. Such a great idea for kids with family far away. So, all the Parkers recorded their voices & then it was up to me to get a portrait shot of each of them for the appropriate page. So, here they are, all my family, including me (& Jake), as of Dec 25th 2008. Don't we all look alike?! I will be carrying the album to California to finish the pages with Grandma Sharon, Aunty Milly & cousin Morgan.

December, the month that's twice as long as all the others

Sedona in December

Abby doesn't get to experience cold very often:

I'm b-aa-aa-ck

And I'm going to swamp this place with all the photos I'm behind on!!

Firstly, our Thanksgiving in Ojai. This is tradition for Jake & I but this time my parents got to join the fun: