Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aurora, Colorado

I am still stunned with this: the fact that the next night after I posted "We Need To Talk About Kevin", the very same topic materialises in a tragic and sadly all too real news story. My thoughts skipped immediately to the book - actually I'm not sure my thoughts had left this book yet. Which is what I mean by stunned, it was just so uncanny and eerie. Both my emotional and intellectual response to the tragedy (by that I mean my heart and my head) are clouded in the story. I will give the author more praise than I did the other night - turns out she knows what she's talking about I think. And I will wish that the real event was only a story, and had not really happened. My heart goes out to anyone touched by the Aurora shootings.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Just finished this book by Lionel Shriver. Another good one! I also joined goodreads.com so that I can read other's reviews and add my own. It's like being in a book club I guess - check it out and join (mum!). Anyway, this book gets a rating of 4 out of 5 from over 24,000 readers, including me. I liked this a lot (despite getting annoyed with the appalling amount of missing question marks that I seem to find in all books these days - that's just the grammatical perfectionist in me I suppose). It's another novel that's been turned into a movie and I am curious to see if the film can convey everything that the book so expertly did. Great read - on the edge of disturbing but, as one reviewer said, "so normal that perhaps we ALL need to talk about Kevin". Highly recommend!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Euro 2012

They never show football on regular TV here so we were excited to watch England in the Euro 2012 semi-final. Well, I say 'we' were excited - that would be Jake and I. Abigail and Bryony were excited for the first few minutes but were not happy when it dragged on to be 90 minutes with no goals, another 30 mins of extra time with no goals, and THEN penalties - only to see England after all that, LOSE. I will never get them to sit and try it again. Never mind.

Abigail had boiled egg & soldiers to round out the English experience

Bryony in full England kit

Ballet Recital - Good Ship Lollipop

It was surprising to see how much bigger this group of girls were compared to last summer. They have all become good dancers and the best of friends along the way. This year, they performed a tap dance to 'Good Ship Lollipop' for the Candyland-themed recital.

Abigail & Alexis at technical rehearsal

yes, I let her have the make-up!

she's the furthest on the right - I promise to get better seats next year

and in this picture, furthest on the left

Grandma and Daddy gave her the all-important bouquet

we'll miss our friends over the summer - see you for 2012/2013!