Friday, May 24, 2013

Abigail Graduates Kindergarten

Our Big Girl has finished her first year of real school! She has grown so much - I mean both in personality as well as size. And of course, in BRAINS. Our little smarty-pants was way ahead of the game before she even started (because of the amazing preschool she spent her earliest years at). She sailed through the Kindergarten work and just passed the Gifted Testing Programme that will put her in a more challenging First Grade. I know, I'm bragging. I'm uber-proud - she's the most incredible six year old I ever met. I love you so much Abby Rae!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One Of Each Of Them


crazy hair day at school

Teacher Appreciation Week

Do you like the gift we came up? The teachers loved it! Thank you Pinterest.

Parker Siblings

Just a quick picture to let my sisters and brother know that I think of them ALL.THE.TIME. I know I'm terrible at finding the time to call (and the time difference doesn't help with that). But I want you to know that I still think of the four of us as a little band-of-brothers. A team of unstoppable Parker Siblings!

I have recently chatted with Jonathan more than I have in years, I got to see Natalie as a mum for the first time, and I can't tell you how often Abigail does something that reminds me exactly of a little Alexandra. I love all three of you SO MUCH and I'm so proud to be your Big Sister.