Monday, July 22, 2013

Abigail's Letters

Abigail has started storming off to her room when she's mad (glimpse of years to come with two teenage girls in this house!). She then writes us notes and drops them over the banister for us to find. Here's an example. She was mad that Jake had cut a pool noodle in half for Bryony to use:

I feel sort of bad posting this - I'm not one of those parents that can freely embarrass and laugh at their children's expense. But I just love that the note is full of anger towards daddy, and then ends with "Do you still love me? Bring up when done". Exquisite.

The Sisters Are Growing Up!

Abigail 6, Bryony 2.5

can you BELIEVE how BIG they are?

helping daddy put together Bryony's new cabinet

Weekends Away

We have been lucky enough to have two weekends away this summer. First off, we had a weekend in Sedona - we spent a day at Slide Rock (swam in the creek, girls LOVED it), and the second morning we went trout fishing. Bryony FREAKED out when we caught one and it did that flapping around thing that fish on the end of a line do! I guess I didn't get many pictures, I'm hoping that Jake did and I can come back and update this post. Here we at The Cowboy Club having a sunset dinner:

Updated with Jake's photos:


The second trip was at the Wigwam Resort for 4th of July. We did this exactly three years ago (see July 2010) and thought it was time to go back. We swam, ate, drank, swam, relaxed, watched fireworks (another thing Bryony freaked out over, ha), swam, read books and swam again. My kids are fish, they literally NEVER tire of a pool.

And their new thing is to get a hold of my phone and take random pictures. This is what I found:

Crazy kids!

New Dining Room Accent Wall

Jake is slowly turning the house from one colour to another by painting each room in his spare time. Every wall when we bought it was an ugly Arizona brown, sort of like this:

Which is nice for a handbag, but not my style at all for a wall colour. So, most of the house is getting  a make-over, being painted in a modern light grey which matches all our stuff, and the style of the house much better.

For the dining room though, we wanted a bright accent wall to bring some fun in.  The photo is a little dark but the colour is called 'Surfer Blue' and really pops against our black and white furniture and fixtures.What do you think?

I wish I could post the picture of the girls helping paint but they're both naked in it so I'd rather not!

Ballet Recital - Crocodile Rock

3 best friends for 3 dancing years: Abigail, Alessandra, Karina

Grandma always comes for recital

not to be left out ....