Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in California

Another wonderful Christmas had by one and all - we are so blessed :)

our house before we left

Christmas Eve with friends

Christmas morning overflowing stockings

right up Abigail's alley

and Grandad will be pleased with this one

most-wished for gift

the sweater dresses ended up being way too hot but cute while it lasted

and a gift from nanna & granddad once we got home ...

... a dollhouse! perfect for my two dolls :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Surrendered by Chang-Rae Lee

 Another good one!

Saturday Night Sisters

My favourite way to do 'date night' is to bring them with us! OK, it's not that I don't love to go out with Jake, it's more that our daughters LOVE going out to dinner. Yes, because they are big eaters, but also because they love the whole experience - choosing what to wear, telling the waiter what they'd like, getting dessert, staying up late. Some of our best nights out this summer were trying new outdoor patio Scottsdale restaurants as a family.

Random Pictures of Fall 2013

I haven't posted for two months! I always say "well, there hasn't been much going on". Yet I still find a ton of pictures I want to post and things I want to say.  I will, again, as usual, blame the amount of hours I've been working. Kids MUST get their toys at Christmas, people *insert eye roll*

took this picture because I love the lighting on her face
Abigail's first hike (with Brayden)

how to tell they are hungry

Friday, November 22, 2013


This is rare for us - we got to spend Thanksgiving with both sides of grandparents. Grandma flew out from California for it and we spent the day at Nanna and Grandad's Scottsdale house. For once, I got pictures of everyone and used them for our Christmas card.

Abigail reading her Thanksgiving message