Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life since Chloe


My Angel Chloe

My pregnancy came to an end on February 25th when our darling third daughter, Chloe Grace Madonna, was born at just 22w2d. She lived for two and a half hours - which was all I had to pour a lifetime of love into. She was the 'C' to complete our 'A' and 'B' and shared the beautiful features of her older sisters.
I miss her terribly - we all do. You might wonder how you can miss someone that you didn't share memories with yet? Well, it's the hopes and dreams I miss. The plans I had for my little girl and her place in our family - I grieve the person she would've become. Everything is different now. Abigail and Bryony have had an early lesson in heartbreak, and all the Madonnas and Parkers have been shown that every pregnancy/every life, truly is a miracle and a blessing.

I miss you sweetheart xxx

World Wildlife Zoo

Abigail got to feed her favourite animal, a giraffe

Our Third Girl

Our appt on February 4th confirmed that, as expected, mini-Madonna #3 was to be our third GIRL.


Abigail started tennis lessons and seems to be really into it, and pretty good! Nanna is happy - she has been asking about this for years - so now she'll have a little tennis partner when she comes.


Painting the Master Bedroom

Four years after moving in, we finally got around to the last room that needed attention - ours. The girls 'helped' Jake paint the walls.