Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary Jake!

xxx All My Love From Kelly xxx

       And, to help celebrate this wedding anniversary, here is the video link to our photo shoot:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catching Up

I just spent my precious Sunday morning catching up on the summer for this Blog. Hope you enjoy the posts. Maybe somebody will even leave a comment ;)

Family Photo Shoot

Since we've never done them before, Jake bought me a family photo shoot for Mothers Day (sorry, Abigail and Bryony bought it for me I should say ;). I am beyond happy with the photographs - we sure are one beautiful blessed family! I feel so lucky.

Bryony - Ten Months Old

These pictures are harder and harder to take the older she gets. Because Bryony won't sit still! She is a wriggle-bottom. Her teachers tell me that she eats the most but works it all off because she moves the most. She is actually quite close to, gulp, walking! She is everywhere and we had to get the baby-gate back out because I caught her climbing our wood staircase twice already.

just got this - it's both a walker and a ride-on, she is thrilled with it

Abigail's First Baseball Game

Jenn & I took Abigail & Matteo to a Diamondbacks game. Abby was super-grumpy about going, for 2 reasons. Firstly, because she insisted that baseball is for boys?!, and secondly, because I forced her to where something she hated, ha.
before leaving - can you tell the mood?! :)

oh how quickly we can change our mind once there

especially if cotton candy is involved


We took our summer trip to California later this year, mostly because of the move. We went for Labour Day weekend and, being that little bit later in the year, we had less time at the beach as it wasn't really beach weather. More time inland, in Ojai, where you can always be guaranteed that the ocean fog has dissipated and it is clear, bright and gloriously warm. Here we are at the park:

And at the beach in jackets:

with Jess, Eli, Corey & Nick

Tayten pushing Bryony

Boccali's Pizza

cousin Morgan looking about 7!

first attempt to get a picture of all 3 of them

second attempt - ha!


I've included these pictures just to show Abigail's feelings towards Bryony at 4.5yrs old. This is what we go through, oh, probably five times a day:
"no, Bryony, you cannot have this - mum, help, she's taking this from me!"

2 mins later: "but I do really ... "

"REALLY .... "

"really love her!"

Bryony 10mths

Abigail 4 1/2

Enjoying Our New House

Saying goodbye to our old house was bittersweet for me - I was sad to leave the memories but excited to move on and build new ones in our new home. Here are pictures from the summer:

last object left to pack!

Abby saying goodbye to her pink room
For years before I'd even had children, I had dreamed of a beach-themed nursery for them. I couldn't wait to pull it together when we bought our first house and found out we were pregnant. Jake painted this ocean wave around the room and I bought turtle, octopus and fish baby bedding for Abigail. (I was trying to find a photo of the finished room but can't find one). Bryony used the room for a few months before we moved too. I was choked up leaving this room behind. I nursed them both in the middle of the night in here, stared at crabs & whales while I rocked teething baby back to sleep. It was the room with the most memories for me. It will always be the house I brought my daughters' home from the hospital to. I'm sure the new owners will paint over this as their first project, ha!

But, moving on, we spent the first two months in the new house enjoying the pool: 

And just playing in the family room on weekend mornings:

And, I only have a couple but these are the new house:

my new kitchen - Jake's going to paint the cabinets white like he did for me in the old house, not a fan of the distressed pinkish wood

and this is (was) the eggplant purple master bathroom - we immediately changed to blue