Sunday, September 30, 2012

Abigail - Kindergarten School Picture


Here he is: my new nephew, Nathan Kenneth. Welcome little guy, we cannot wait to meet you!

Random End-of-Summer Photos


My Blog seems to be Abigail, Abigail, Abigail sometimes. That's just because so many events evolve around her (starting Kindergarten this year especially). So here is a post all about my Bryony. What I really need to do is come back with a video because the pictures just don't show enough of her adorableness! 

Life is so fun at this age - she now talks constantly and copies everything big sister is doing. She is showing a little of the terrible twos already and, sadly for her, it's nothing but funny and cute so she doesn't get very far with her tantrums.

I mentioned in an earlier post that she's very attached to mummy and I am loving that! I have to say, she has definitely got the bonus of a more experienced mother - I had a hard time with Abigail at this age but Bryony is a different story. She is my bundle of fun and hugs.

Her personality is like Abby in some ways, and complete opposite in others. She's braver both physically and socially - in fact, sometimes Abigail will rely on Bryony in a new situation. She is the size and weight of Abigail on her third birthday and hasn't yet hit two. She still loves Minnie Mouse, also the pantry, and her pacifier (we have that battle coming up).

She's growing faster than I can keep up and my heart loves her more and more every day <3 p="p">

Labour Day 2012

More of the same, swimming in the sun:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Quick Message to Each of My Two Sisters

to Aunty Natalie: hang in there - I know the end is rough but you're almost there!

to Aunty Alexandra: congratulations on your engagement, we're so happy for you both xxx

Abigail Starts Kindergarten!

All year I have felt that Abigail was more than prepared for Kindergarten,. She has been used to daycare her whole life and she absolutely thrives when learning, prefers learning to play actually. (Yes, if you're reading, Natalie, Alexandra and Jonathan - as you predicted, I have raised a little "Matilda"). She is also much more socially confident than we ever could have expected when she was an anxiety-ridden toddler. So, my feelings toward Kindergarten have mirrored Abigail's all year - willing, prepared, excited, and ready for the change.

When we got to The First Day, though, things were different. I was surprised that I was, indeed, emotional. As big as she looks in the pictures above, suddenly she was my tiny little Abigail Rae. My baby from 2007! Carrying a backpack bigger and heavier than she, with a little lunch of half a sandwich and a packet of Goldfish, and wearing her new light-up sneakers, she was still ... my Abigail. I had to hide the lump in my throat and keep up my excitement to keep up hers. So we did The First Day with smiles and laughter, and daddy and I saved our melancholy until we got to the car afterwards. I'm so proud of her, and still so in love with her.

Speaking of love, and the separation anxiety that comes with starting Kindergarten, nobody in our house has had it as bad as ..... her father. If I had a lump in my throat, Jake had a boulder. My most favourite thing about him is that he IS the world's most dedicated daddy. I mean it! He and Abigail are so incredibly close (as a side-note, Bryony seems to be very mummy-attached so we've both got it good). A worry-wart by nature, this transition from daycare to Kindergarten has caused him both sleepless nights and headaches (I have had to remind him that this is NOTHING compared to what he'll deal with when they are both, say, 15 and 19 years old!) By week two, the teacher had to suggest that maybe he can stop coming to the playground now. One afternoon, he was left dejected in the parking lot as Abigail told him "hi dad, thanks for coming, but can I please ride the bus?" This is his girl. His side-kick. His lil' buddy who still looks just like him when she frowns at me. He is having a hard time watching her go, and entrusting her care to new teachers, new nurses, new aides, and especially new daycare bus drivers (aaaagh - they're on the ROADS with her ;). Despite being so proud of her, he is a little bit heartbroken. And my own heart swells with so much love for him because of it. 

her first 'crush' - Cody

close friend Tyler who rides the bus back to daycare with her

First Day Artwork: this is "daddy and me surfing"

Annual Beach Trip

Another lovely summer vacation in California with the Madonna family! This year it was perfect weather and I was excited to see what Bryony thought of the beach (her sister at this age cried through the whole event). She loved it - she did her best to keep up with Abigail and Morgan running and playing, and showed yet again that she can really hold her own, ha ha. We had cousin-sleep-overs, Bocalli's pizza (of course), some back-to-school shopping, a barbeque with our friends' the Roney's, plenty of time at the beach, and even a wonderful date night for Jake and I. We didn't want to leave!

my own moment of peaceful bliss - the beach. the sky, the fresh air, and Bryony snuggling me under that towel

Grandma, Aunty Jeanne and Grandma Carmen

Bryony having as much fun in the motorhome as Abigail and Morgan did at this age

Abigail & Morgan - who have become the closest of cousins this year :)

with Tayten, not sure where Morgan was for this moment

enjoying Uncle Lance's smores around the fire

big hit Uncle Lance!