Monday, June 10, 2013

Beatles Cover Band Outdoor Concert

If I don't make another beautiful memory of my girls for the rest of the year, this one will be enough.
My father singing to his favourite songs, and dancing with my daughters? Yeah, my heart melted.

Call the Midwife

I finished this over Memorial Day - it was just OK. I think it was a little corny and I almost gave up on it about halfway through. I appreciated the picture of London's East End in the 1950s but the stories were a little ... stretched. I have passed it on to Grandma who may get more out of it than me with her 30+ years in nursing and OB.

Laundry Room

How my 'mud-room' turned out. Well, we don't have a need for a mud-room in Arizona, so I suppose it's just the laundry room. But it's on the way in from the garage so it's our main entry and I wanted it to hold shoes, jackets, backpacks and purses in an organised way. I couldn't find hooks I liked ANYWHERE so I made my own using teal green 2 x 3 inch portrait frames and some curtain holders. Abigail drew a J, K, A and B for the frames and I bought a six-cube bookcase for the floor to hold shoes (you can't see that in the photos here). We added a big deep laundry sink and some baskets on a high shelf for papers, bills, items for errands, etc. It has all worked out so well - I mean it's functioning how I imagined I needed it to. Except for the laundry sink which so far I've only used for potty-training accidents, ha.

Memorial Day Weekend

Abigail Graduates Kindergarten

Our Big Girl has finished her first year of real school! She has grown so much - I mean both in personality as well as size. And of course, in BRAINS. Our little smarty-pants was way ahead of the game before she even started (because of the amazing preschool she spent her earliest years at). She sailed through the Kindergarten work and just passed the Gifted Testing Programme that will put her in a more challenging First Grade. I know, I'm bragging. I'm uber-proud - she's the most incredible six year old I ever met. I love you so much Abby Rae!

Welcoming the Start of Pool Season


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Dailey Method

I just completed eight weeks of this amazing ballet barre/stretch class (three times a week for maximum benefit). I LOVED it - find it in your city too and join the fun!

Happy Mothers Day To Me