Sunday, March 29, 2009

McDonald's Happy Meal

Why else would I raise my child in America? ;)

Weekly Playdate

Abby & I have had the pleasure of a weekly Wed afternoon playdate every week for quite a few months now. Four of us rotate houses - the kids play & the mums, well, crack open a bottle of wine, ha. Here is a recent one in our neighbour Teresa's garden:


Friday, March 27, 2009

Jake's Tattoo

Been meaning to post a picture of this for a while:

The rose in the middle was taken from a photo Jake took of an English rose in my parent's garden in England:

So, the rose is to represent his relationship with me :) The 2 geraniums either side of it are to represent Abigail (& any other future children), and his father. (Jake's mother still has a geranium taken from the spot where his father passed away.)

So, a lot of meaning in it for Jake. It came out so perfect!

Hot Tub Story

This might go down as the funniest thing Abby has said ever.

We were in the hot tub together at my parent's condo. A lady in there with us, across from us, had big white hair. Not grey, completely white, and a big 'do'. Abby was staring for quite a few minutes. She smiled at the lady. Then she turned to me and quietly said "sheep". The woman didn't hear but it was all I could do to keep a straight face!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abigail Turns TWO!

Just doesn't seem right! But yesterday, Abigail Rae turned TWO. I swore I wouldn't but I shed a couple of tears as I tucked her in to bed last night. Because two is not really a baby anymore. She follows us, copies us, chats with us (bosses us), and, I'm told, becomes more & more my mini-me as each day passes.
Sometimes I'm surprised when she shouts "STARRR" with a big exaggerated American 'R', but then a few minutes later she'll say "oh deeyah" like she's never spent a day outside of England. She's petite & dainty, then loud & tomboy-ish all in one moment. She still eats & sleeps like they're both going out of style, yet remains the smallest in her classroom. She prefers the company of adults than other children; thinks she IS an adult, just like I was at her age, my mother tells me. I take her along to EVERYTHING I do, and she toddles along, like she just knows what the world is all about. As her uncle Darryl says "she's been here before, that one".

I have watched her change so much over 2yrs, I almost cannot believe humans take off at that speed. Yesterday at the zoo, a small goat kept lunging for my purse - she walked over to the goat, pointed, & told it "Mummy's" in a very stern voice. I think we got that on video. It is just unbelievable that she is the same 7lb package we carried home from the hospital just 2yrs ago.

OK, I have gone on enough. I'd like to think she will get to read this Blog one day. If you are reading, Abigail - I am so proud of you already, at age 2! I love you more than I will ever be able to explain. Aaaggh, you've got me crying AGAIN. This is supposed to be a celebration!

Happy 2nd Birthday Darling! Love, Mummy. xxx.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday at the Zoo

Jake & I took Abby's birthday off to take her to the zoo:

The 2nd Birthday Party

The theme was ice-cream cones, can you tell? :)
I totally get into party themes, I wish she'd have more birthdays per year.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am 32 today!

Yep, a St Patricks Day baby. I'm pretty confident it had an influence on the name Kelly but I'm not sure, I'd have to check with my mum & dad on that one. Who I will be able to ask on Saturday because they'll be back here again already! I am really excited to see them. It's like we're on vacation too when they're here, because we do lots of dinners out, and days at the pool, and golf, and shopping, & holiday-type stuff that Jake & I don't do when we get sucked into everyday life. Should be fun with Abigail's birthday in the mix too. Yay for grandparents, Spring (in Phoenix it's Spring), and St Patricks Day birthdays!