Thursday, May 28, 2015

Halloween 2014

Jake Skellington

Catty Noir from Monster High & Princess Anna of Arendelle

Fall 2014

sometimes photos from the every day are the best

High School Musical at Xavier

what seven-year-olds are in to

our 12th anniversary at Olive & Ivy - we had just found out about mini-Madonna #3 too

Aunty Alex preparing for her first baby

he/she will need an Arsenal onesie of course


In September 2014, ten years after Mimi died, Jake finally gave in to me and let the girls get a cat. Abigail had buried five fish since her birthday so we needed to upgrade pet level! Ten minutes in the Humane Society, and both girls had fallen in love with Tina. She was in the back of our car another ten minutes after that.

Abigail - 2nd grade

she has a lot on her plate, or post-it-note

Annual Beach Trip - 2014

Jake's 20 year high school reunion

The Westin at Kierland - July 2014

We squeezed in a one-night stay-cation at our local Westin before school started up again after the England trip. The pictures are from the resort's 'Flowrider' - the closest thing to real surfing that the desert has.

Rest of Last Summer

two heads watching an Ipad on a Saturday morning

Abigail spent the summer with her Explorers friends

My One Year Break

My last posts are from our England trip, June 2014. This weekend is June 2015. I have fallen behind on this Blog many times before but never for a YEAR. I almost walked away completely but couldn't give up on the hundreds of posts it has since 2008. For myself if no-one else - this is my photo album, journal, and calendar of memories. I can catch up - it might take a while but I'm not working this summer so I can do it. And, boy, has it been a year ...