Saturday, November 14, 2009


Wednesday our week was turned upside down with the news that our best friends' little boy, Matteo, was in the ER. After several corners turned, it was learned that he had a racquetball-sized tumour in the back of his head. Early Thursday morning he was in a 7hr surgery to have it removed. It has been a whirlwind few days - you can read about his progress in Jenn's blog: Please continue to keep the Maggiores in your thoughts & prayers.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009

Our trick-or-treating gang:
Just to show how much the kids grow in 1 year, here's the same gang last year:
Dancing to the Monster Mash with Angelina:

Pumpkin competition at work - the Nemo, crab, pineapple & blow fish are all pumpkins:


Ventura on our Anniversary

We spent the actual day of our anniversary (Monday) doing 3 of our favourite things: we hit the beach where it was unusually warm for the end of October, then we had sushi, then we went to a coffee shop/ice-cream shop & sat on Main Street in Ventura, chatting & enjoying the cool California evening weather.

Making Caramel Apples with Grandma

Hanging out at Grandma's House

Grandma bought a whole set of children's furniture to turn her spare room into the perfect playroom for Abigail & Morgan. Daddy put it all together:

Boccali's Pumpkin Patch

We got to do another Pumpkin Patch with Grandma!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pizza at Boccali's

Eating outside at Boccali's with Grandma has become Ojai visit tradition.

Anne & Scott's Wedding

So, here we are at the wedding:

It's embarrassing that my only photo of the happy couple is this terrible one:

But I did get one of her & I! Room-mates in 2001/02, friends always:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seventh Wedding Anniversary

In the early summer, I received my friend Anne's wedding invitation. It was to be at this beautiful Courthouse - where we were married! How wonderful to go! Then I saw that it would be on our own wedding anniversary weekend - how funny, huh? So, we planned our next trip home to CA around Anne & Scott's wedding, knowing that it would be the best way possible to celebrate our own.

Grandma babysat Abigail (she got to have In & Out, and go to an Art Gallery opening), so that we could spend some time before Anne & Scott's wedding wandering the Courthouse & standing in the exact spot we were married 7 years ago. We even wrote some special 'notes' & read them to each other at (what we think) was roughly the hour we were saying vows. It got very unexpectedly emotional - we both spoke words so monumental & tender we were both crying! Anyone (all 5 of you) remember this exact spot 7 years ago? Do we look the same, lol?

California October 2009

I'll break this CA trip up into a few different posts because there are so many pictures I want to share.

But I will start by saying that the ball finally dropped for Abigail & California :) HOORAY. It was wonderful! She was happier, more secure & confident, and, most importantly NOT ATTACHED TO ME THE ENTIRE TIME :) She happily chased Grandma's dogs around, played, bossed Grandma around, all her usual behaviour. It was wonderful! Joking aside, I was so relieved. Every month she grows a little more confident & the trips to California were always a struggle. This one she actually had FUN. It was wonderful - did I say that already?

Pumpkin Patch in Scottsdale

My parents got here this year just in time for the cooler weather & a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Except that it wasn't really cooler weather, it was still blazing hot:

Fall School Pictures

I don't love these; in fact, I always hate the staged backgrounds - I wish they'd do all the shots on the grey. Just me, you are more than welcome to love them :)