Monday, February 27, 2012

Romancing Miss Bronte

Just finished my first book of the year, and I loved loved loved it! This was a fictionalised biography of the life of Charlotte Bronte, and a delight for anyone interested in the Bronte family, or fans in general of early nineteenth century British literature. I like this review of the book best:  I agree with the comment that "there was nothing shocking or earth-shattering" going on, and that actually, that fuelled the love affair with this novel. And also the quote that "Since we will never have new Austen or Bronte, we need more books like this — novels that embody good writing, good story-telling, and the utter readibility of real literature." It was the kind of book you're enjoying so much that you're already dreading it being over as you near it's end, dread it not being a part of your day, and you literally miss it once it's closed! I highly recommend it, most especially for anyone that defines themselves as a bookworm.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well, we received a phone call Sunday that one hopes to never ever ever get from a friend. And we have spent the week in tears, heartbroken for our friends who have lost their beautiful six-year-old daughter, Jolea. We know there are no words we can speak to comfort them. We can only give love and support - so we will be in California this weekend celebrating Jolea's life together with her friends and family.