Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nursing a Cold

This is me this weekend. I thought I had avoided this nasty flu that's all over the news. But it's been through all my co-workers and lots of kids at the daycare, so I shouldn't be surprised that I've picked something up. I'm at home, with a cold that's not YET the flu, so I'm stocking up on Zicam and green smoothies in the hope that I can beat it before it really starts. Wishful thinking? I don't know, but my bigger concern is that both girls seem to have a touch of it too. Send positive healthy thoughts our way please!

Zoolights on Boxing Day

We ended the visit with a trip to Zoolights on the night of Boxing Day. In a weird twist of events, we lost our Grandma while there. She went to buy the girls a light-up thingy and next thing you know, we've lost her. Oh Grandma. I will buy a leash for you next time ;)

Christmas Day 2012

Father Christmas (Santa) left presents the English way - in a pillowcase for each girl

Abigail and Morgan showing off their letter

a quick hug ...

and kiss ...

and then they got right to it - opening presents!

Boogie got up a little while later

tired, but quickly got the idea that some of these were for her (she had only recently had a birthday too remember)

most wished-for gift: a Dreamlite
then, later in the day, an English roast Christmas dinner

after dinner, we opened family gifts


Christmas Eve

We hosted Christmas this year! Grandma, Aunty Milly, Uncle Lance and cousin Morgan came from California and we had an English/Arizonan celebration. It was wonderful family time.

Here are the pictures, I'll break them up into 4 posts I think. Firstly, Christmas Eve. The girls were allowed to open just one or two special gifts, including new Christmas pajamas:

Milly wrapped some last-minute gifts in masking tape

isn't it perfection?!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Downton Abbey

Just started Season Three on PBS. If you are not yet into this show - rent it and catch up! It is one of only two that Jake and I sit and enjoy together (he and I have different interests, and aren't watching much TV these days anyway). You will love it! While it is a period drama, it's not serious and heavy - instead it has been called a "period-soap-opera". I never thought Jake would sit and watch something like this, and he's gripped. (*Note: it is one of those shows that you have to see right from Episode One, though, or you'll never keep up with who is who). Two thumbs up for something worth watching these days!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Room by Emma Donoghue

I can't remember the last time I finished a book in two weeks. COULD.NOT.PUT.THIS.DOWN.