Sunday, September 8, 2013

Catching Up ... Again

Six new posts because I haven't blogged since the end of July. Enjoy!

Last-Minute California Weekend

Thanks to a work friend, Brian, and his family, we got an unexpected, last-minute 'extra' summer weekend at the beach over Labour Day. We stayed at Brian's parent's house near Seal Beach, and the girls had fun because Brian and Victoria have two girls themselves, both a little younger than Abigail and Bryony.

Another New Nephew


Here he is! Another little boy for my sister, little cousin for my girls, little nephew for me, and little brother for Baby Nathan. Welcome to the family Baby-No-Name! (for the record, I am pushing your mother on this one as best I can). I cannot wait to meet you, hold you, and love on you, lil' guy.

And not to be left out - a couple of Baby Nathan, now Big Brother Nathan:


Abigail Starts First Grade

Just a few days after our trip to California, Abigail went back to school. Jake had to do the first morning by himself because I have been working a boatload of hours going in early and staying late (more to come on that later). So, he wasn't really able to get photos from her first day but I snapped a few one afternoon that week - with Bryony in them too. Don't I have the cutest kids in the state? :)

And, here's my bragging opportunity: 36/36 on her first spelling test!
Love my lil' Smarty Pants ...

Annual Beach Trip

It just took me forever to narrow down the choice of pictures for this post. The bonus of taking photos on the go with your cellphone! Here are the 33 I've chosen - I'm sure it's the biggest post I've ever tried - we'll see if it crashes.

We had a great vacation, as we always do. We had a birthday BBQ for Grandma the first night, complete with Aunts, Uncles and cousins who came up from the LA area. Abigail got more and more comfortable with a boogie-board - she absolutely loves the beach, especially the ocean. Bryony was mostly comfortable - apart from getting knocked over by a wave which meant she wouldn't go in the water the rest of the week, ha. Cousin Morgan was a gracious host as always, letting Abby have slumber parties with her in the motorhome for the night. We even squeezed in a day at the Ventura Fair (for the bigger girls).

Thanks to Grandma and Aunty Milly for always packing our vacation week full of family and fun :)