Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy Heart

We just watched this movie. I have one pro and one con:

                      PRO: Jeff Bridges - what a great actor!
                      CON: Colin Farrell as a country music star? Sorry, I just couldn't buy this.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas in London

Happy January! We are home and back in the swing of work, school, regular life.

There are a million photos from our trip - I've broken them all up into different posts to keep them manageable. I will let the photos show it all - the only words to say are that we had a wonderful time! A lovely English Christmas that delivered all the magic I had promised my girls (and my husband who we all know loves Christmas as much as any child!). And, a special thank you to whoever arranged the slightly milder winter weather for that week - it was cold but not it's usual freeeezing.

our home before we left

jetlag - boy, were we all hit with that!

my heart grows an inch every time I look at this sleepy matching PJs picture

Christmas Morning

Santa Claus (that's Father Christmas while you're in England please) delivered presents to the bottom of Nanna's staircase! Abigail had written to him earlier in the month to explain that she "would not be at my Arizona house" - (a note that I will keep forever because it has her first real, unattended, no-help writing). She was very concerned about the logistics involved for Santa and, accordingly, very relieved that he figured it all out and delivered as promised.

little pile for each sister

most wished-for gift

second most wished-for gift

Nanna bought this one - I think she was hoping for help in the kitchen later that day

Christmas Day

Uncle Jonathan - who wanted and received pipebenders for Christmas?!!

Aunty Alex showing us her Uggs

 Master Chef, Master Decorator, Master Organiser, Master Nanna

Bryony caught in headlights, Abigail playing with the box!

not sure what the sly look was for

Aunty Alex with her boyfriend, Chris, and two best friends Lizzy and Emma, who I must say love my kids like family!

Grandad's Favourite Time - Breakfast

Out and About in London

waiting on the platform for the train

come on, really, where IS that train?!

Christmas in the City

Arsenal Football Club

Jake got to experience his first Arsenal game! The English take their football very seriously and the loyalty to a club passes from generation to generation. You can feel it in the atmosphere at a game - something I experienced often with my dad as a teenager but obviously not so much these days! We had a brilliant time and came back to Arizona promising to try to follow the season from here.

Aunty Natalie's House

Lunch at Aunty Natalie's house