Friday, December 30, 2016


Christmas Eve pajamas to open is a tradition

so is leaving cookies and milk for Santa with a carrot for Rudolph

and leaving empty pillowcases out for Santa to use as stockings

this one was oblivious of course, ha

Merry Christmas Morning!

it's early for daddy, ha

from her wish-list

Friday, December 23, 2016

Morning Walk to School

The best part of my day is our morning walk to school. We talk, laugh, answer questions, usually rush, and test out our road-crossing decision-making. I give a quiet thank you every single day to Chloe, whose brief life gave me the gift of being there to raise these daughters. I don't miss full-time stressful work AT ALL. In fact, I see everything I missed. Looking forward to 2017 and several things falling in to place so that I can enjoy this motherhood journey even more. #feelinglucky#andtodayisahalfday #igettobetheirmumnotyou