Friday, February 12, 2016

The Swan Thieves

The only book I've read over the course of six months I think! And it was just .... OK.

Bryony Starts Pre-K

After the spring and summer at home with me, which totalled six months, it was very clear that Bryony missed school, and her friends, and that I alone every day wasn't enough, ha. After all, school is all she has ever known! We also knew that the teacher in the pre-K room at her school is reallllly good and had Abigail MORE than prepared for Kindergarten, so we decided to re-enroll her for this last year. I got a mornings-only part-time job to pay for this (plus, what else am I going to do if they're both in school?!) She couldn't WAIT to go back.

Parker Holiday

In August, my parents had all my siblings and their families come to stay in their Scottsdale house. That was 14 under one roof, plus us 4 when we all went out. It was wonderful! Here are some of the pics:

the men somehow managed to squeeze in a Las Vegas trip

out to dinner with the Nova

my three siblings & I

Meli Wedding in Sedona

We had a lovely weekend away in Sedona celebrating one of my best friend's nuptials. It was both girls' first time attending a wedding, although not what they pictured because there was only fourteen guests, including kids and babies. So intimate and pretty!

Abigail Starts 3rd Grade

buying and organizing school supplies

first day outfit

reading glasses (hopefully she hasn't inherited my dismal eyesight)

Mini-Madonna #4

In the middle of my summer at home with the girls, I found out I was pregnant. AGAIN. To skip really fast through a whoooole chapter, I dealt with the anxiety, fear, GUILT, that came along with this and then, as each appointment with my new high-risk OB went well, slowly let myself get excited that this must have happened for a reason. These were the words I used to announce on Facebook in October:

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary, and we have so much to celebrate. Our marriage has been tested more than ever this year, and passed with flying colours as we held each other up in the darkest of days. And now, we are happy/anxious/surprised to announce that our angel baby has sent us a rainbow! Conceived in the depths of grief, we know that this little girl has been sent to bring joy and life back to all of us. Yes, our fourth daughter is on her way. ‪#‎gotgirls‬?

Fourth of July California Trip

Another benefit of not working this past summer was that I could take the girls to California for ten days instead of our usual four-nights-and-rush-back-to-work. Jake stayed for the first few days, including Fourth of July, then he flew home and we stayed. We made girl memories!

cousins at Ojai's Fourth of July Parade

swimming with friends


waiting for fireworks in the back of Uncle Lance's truck

took them to the exact spot Jake and I said our vows 13yrs ago

Santa Barbara Courthouse

this is such a Kelly & Natalie picture, ha!

lunch at Natural Café, used to be a favourite when we lived there

skating rink

Grandma's slug-bug

crayon artwork with Grandma Carmen