Thursday, June 28, 2012


Lily the Frog is the star of this post. She belongs to Abigail's classroom and gets to spend her weekends with the children, going home with them one at a time. She comes to you with a journal that you help your child complete with pictures and stories of Lily's adventures while staying with them. The journal was fun to read because it was almost four years old by the time it was finally Abigail's turn (I have a feeling I will see Lily again a few years from now when Bryony hits Pre-K). Abigail could not wait (she also actually cried on the Monday morning when it was over) and I was lucky that we did indeed host Lily on a busy weekend with lots of opportunity for the journal.

plastic play food, Abigail insisted that Lily only eat green items?!

ballet lesson

celebrating the Queens Jubilee

shoe-shopping with mummy

Snow Patrol

I recently went to see Snow Patrol in concert. I love when you go to a concert with minimum expectation and then get blown away by how much better the band is than that. I LOVED this show! I'm calling Snow Patrol my new Coldplay and keep warning Jake that he had better watch out because I might run off with lead singer Gary Lightbody. Look them up, buy a couple songs and fall in love with me! As one critic put it, there's no reason Snow Patrol shouldn't be the biggest band out of Ireland right behind U2. And if you get the chance to go see them, do it! Live they were just amazing, and because only a small crowd in the U.S. have caught on, you will be in a nice intimate venue just a few steps away from the stage. I heart Snow Patrol.

Random Life Photos

reading at bedtime (these girls have the BEST dad)

of course, a book called 'Becoming a Doctor'

CUTEST 19 month old in the world

Eating Out

We don't treat ourselves to dinner out very often. But all four of us love love love it! Here we are at a pizza place we tried that gave dough to the kids to play with instead of crayons. Abigail loved that. Bryony just kept trying to eat it.

Summer Swim

Abigail's Pre-K Graduation

In May, we attended a ceremony for Abigail's graduation from Pre-K. While she may be only five, this was quite an emotional event for me because she has been with many of these school friends since they were SIX WEEKS OLD!

The class had prepared an "Around The World" performance with songs and story-telling. Abigail was picked to represent England and I was asked to dress her as Queen Elizabeth. She also perfected the Queen's wave so she was more than prepared and wowed the crowd with her part!

Then, after the performance, the kids put on cap & gown and walked the stage one-by-one to receive their diploma. So proud of all of them, but especially my super-smart little Abigail:

I LOVE YOU ABIGAIL - you are one amazing five year old that is going to SHINE in Kindergarten!

Jonathan & Claire's visit

Uncle Jonathan (still makes me giggle to say that) and his girlfriend Claire had a two-week visit and we had a great time with them. Swimming, BBQing, a Diamondbacks game, play-time with his nieces, etc. But sadly, I got ONE photo only. Jonathan, Claire, if you're reading, I KNOW you got some good ones - can you email any?

hot-tub time with Bryony

Megan & Noel's wedding

Four days after Disneyland, Jake and I had a night away at our friends Megan & Noel's wedding. It was perfect timing - we were all 'kidded out' and thoroughly enjoyed a night away from the girls (thanks to nanna & grandad for the babysitting). I wanted to post a few pictures because the setting was gorgeous. This is Munds Park, Arizona - about three hours north of Phoenix.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's been almost two months since we spent two days at Disneyland. Sorry for the delay. But I'm here with 29 pictures so it was worth the wait. I won't waste too much time on words. I will just say that Abigail threw up 20mins into the drive, then again a couple of hours later. She was not really herself the whole first day (and you can see it in the photos) but she was a little trooper and was NOT going to leave that park come hell or high water. OR take the glitter Minnie Mouse ears off ;)

ready for the park - that plastic bag attached to the stroller is the throw-up clothes!

poor kid - she was on outfit number 3 by this point!

Bryony spent a lot of the trip anxious and climbing up me, little too young for rides

what she bought with Grandad's $15 souvenir money

Bryoy LOVED Minnie, except up-close :)

hotel rooms are just as exciting as rides to kids

Bryony got a Minnie Mouse with her $15 souvenir money and spent the whole day shouting "MIMI"with excitement every time she saw him/her. Her favourite part of the trip was this cardboard cut-out, ha. She is now very attached to her Mimi, and, along with Abigail being sick, this is my biggest memory of our trip. Bryony will forever love Mickey & Minnie Mouse!