Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Abigail on Film

this is what she does if you ask her to pose

oh, alright, I'll share the spotlight then, if I have to


Abigail paints quite a lot. This particular day she asked if she could paint the lid to a shoebox. Why not? It started out as a really pretty colourful thing with all these paint colours used. The bowl might give you an idea where this went though.

This is about 10 layers of paint I think, along the way she just decided it might as well be 100% pink:

And, of course, how could it count as complete if we didn't also do our hands?!

Recent Happenings

early morning girls

first time trying rice cereal

as predicted, it was a hit!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Abigail Turns FOUR!

Another year has passed, and March 23rd marked Abigail's 4th birthday. This year, all her Preschool friends were invited to the party so we held it in the park instead of our house.We also had Grandma, Aunty Milly & cousin Morgan all come out from California, and of course, Nanna and Grandad are here at this time of year too.

Abigail was very excited to help me arrange an 'Ariel - Little Mermaid' theme. We made invitations with this image:

I had paper plates at one table for the kids to make fish (although the wind meant that most kids didn't even see I had this there):

I made these ocean jello cups with Swedish fish:

And this awesome (if I do say so myself) Ariel cake for Abigail's big moment:

So, here we are the park waiting for guests to arrive (I suppose we forgot we have Bryony now, ha!)

I also had bubbles, sidewalk chalk & sand toys but the only pictures we have are of the cake moment:

We had a great time at the park - I hope everyone did! And when we got home, Abby opened piles & piles of Ariel-themed gifts. Including the full costume from Grandma, which I used to get this shot for the thank-you cards. I've been calling her Abig-ariel when she wears this:

And this last picture is from school on her actual birthday, the Wednesday following the party:

Miss Abigail Rae - so spoiled and so lucky, but oh so deserving too :)

Happy 4th Birthday Darling

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bryony - Four Months Old

Here she is! Four months old and every picture smiling :)

Still feeding and growing like a weed (13lbs 2oz at her 4mth appointment), Bryony is an easy-going happy baby. She is very alert and hardly naps at all. Well, she'll nap at school, where it's nice and peaceful I suppose, but has been known to only nap forty-five minutes the whole day on a Saturday or Sunday. What else? Well, we know she is a Parker because she loves TV. She'll crane her neck to make sure she can see it, sometimes contorting it 180 degrees I think. Here she is watching Tangled with Abigail, set up in her own armchair:

a rare nap, with her face squished against the back of the couch

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love is ......

...... your four-year-old reaching out to hold your hand while you're in the dentist chair because she saw a tiny bit of blood. My heart melted.

...... and it also might just be knowing that you can take your kids along to the dentist appt and they'll be well-behaved and not break anything while I have a 'poking-thing' in my mouth.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Abigail says so many funny things that it's impossible to record them all. But I've tried to remember a few to come & share them here. So, recent conversations with an about-to-be-four-year-old:

"You look pretty mum, I like your eye-lipstick"

When racing with her, she says "I beat you up, I beat you up!". We have to remind her that it's just "beat you". Where she has learnt about beating up I don't know.

A: "Jaysen flashed me & I was upset"
Me: "what do mean he flashed you Abby?"
A: "we were in the bathroom and he flashed me" (at this point, I'm getting concerned)
Me: "well, why did he do that?"
A: "because I was at the sink and he wanted the sink so he flashed me"
Me: "do you mean he splashed you?"
A: "yeah, he splashed me & I was mad" (ah, OK)

Me: "finish your dinner Abigail, or you won't get any dessert"
A: "but I don't have room in my stomach for any more dinner"
Me: "OK, well, if there's no room for dinner, then there must be no room for dessert either"
A: "well, there is because, look, I keep dinner on this side and desserts on this side"

Me: "Abby, I talked to her mum and your school friend Keira can't make it to your birthday party"
A: "oh, but I wanted her to come"
Me: "I know, but unfortunately she will be in California so she has to miss it"
A: "oh, OK, that's OK, she can just come to my five birthday"

A: "when I'm a mummy, I'm going to live in Ava's old house because nobody lives in there now" (our next door neighbours recently moved out)
Me: "oh, really?"
A: "yes, and would you like to come over for dinner mum?"

Me: "today is Presidents Day, Abby, do you know what that is?"
A (excited): "yes, it's Presidents Day because you get PRESIDENTS"
(Hmm, she's going to be disappointed!)

"mum, I ate sooo  much breakfast and my tummy is getting sooo big, look, soon it will be big enough to have a baby in there" (hmmm, how to answer this one?!)

"mum, you know Connor at my school? You know, Connor - with fuzzy sticky-up soft fluffy kind of short but not that short fuzzy yellow hair?"