Monday, June 23, 2014

Photo Catch-Up

I just posted all my photos from Madonna-life since Abigail's birthday. Not many words but lots of pictures. There's nothing like leaving on a vacation to force you to get stuff done. I mean that I wanted my Blog caught up before our TRIP TO ENGLAND TOMORROW!! :) So excited .... so enjoy! It's likely to be another three months before I get back here again!

Swim Lessons

Abigail has taken City of Phoenix swim lessons for 3 years now (see previous years' posts). This year we signed Bryony up too. She did great the first day, then cried the second day and refused to get in the pool. Same on the third day. We just made her watch the others from the side. The funny thing was that the swimming she was doing in the play pool while Abigail had her lesson was more advanced than anything they were doing in the class! Finally the teacher suggested that I get in. So for the next week, I was the only mother in the pool copying the actions of the teacher to get their child to at least try it. It was worth it- like Abigail, she made great progress because the lessons are every afternoon and they really build on what they learned. She is almost swimming independently ...

Memorial Day at the Beach

It was nice to spend Memorial Day weekend in California at the beach. The main reason for the earlier visit this year was that there was a whole new nephew to meet!

my blue-eyed blonde beach beauty baby

she loved collecting shells and rocks

and this one is soooo Californian sometimes


he's just darling


this boy will be spoiled by girls

Happy Memorial Day


typical Bryony expression of concern

"I am really not happy about this"

Mummy-Abby Day

Because I sometimes feel bad that Abigail has to go to 'school' while others are home in the summers, I try to pick her up early every now & again and have a Mummy-Abby Day. I let her choose what we do. So first we went shopping:

riding the escalator was her favourite part
Then she wanted to go home and play Monopoly. This is a game that we can never get out when Bryony is home:

But I forgot how long Monopoly goes on, and eventually had to pick lil' one up from school too. So then we let her join in by being the Banker:

Random Pictures from Spring - part two

school year-end pool party

Bridging up to Brownies

Three girls in my Troop ended the year by bridging up from Daisies to Brownies:

Abigail, Lidia & Aadi

Abigail crossing the bridge in her ceremony

receiving her certificate and new brown vest from her Troop leader, her mother ;)

Catching Bryony in the Right Mood

If you know Bryony, you know she is either delirious and wildly excited, or super grumpy.
Here are the contrasts - at 'Muffins with Mom' for Mothers Day:


 and then Donuts with Dad for Fathers Day:


I only got this one picture from Easter Sunday - enjoying eggs of course:

And then the girls got to make these traditional English Easter nests with nanna. Actually I don't know if they're traditional English or traditional Parker. My sisters and I made these for years with my mum. I never imagined my daughters doing it with her now! She said there was more chocolate all over her kitchen than ended up in the treats :)

Random Pictures from Spring

it's a battle to keep your kids from being screen-addicted :(

1st Grade school picture

they love to help me cook

at El Encanto Amusement Park

this was the only thing Bryony would ride

Modern Margarita with nanna & grandad

Mothers Day school-work by Abigail