Monday, June 30, 2014

Nanna's 60th Birthday

And, of course, the main reason for the whole visit - nanna's 60th birthday!

we love you Nanna xxxxx

Playtime in the Garden

The weather was so lovely that we spent a good amount of time just playing in nanna & granddad's garden, or in Aunty Natalie's:

first time meeting Baby Cameron

visiting the roses that are part inspiration for Jake's tattoo

Aunty Alex - who had just shared her exciting news - that she's pregnant with a Parker family tie-breaker baby!

do we look alike or WHAT?!


As with most vacations, we did the most ridiculous amount of EATING!


sibling dinner

delicious Indian food

fish 'n chips

Alex & Chris

Declan & Natalie

Jonathan & Joanna

magician at dinner


The girls and I spent the day at Nanna's club 'Riverside' while the men played golf. Nanna had some tennis games she couldn't miss, so we spent the day watching her matches, running around the grounds, playing, swimming, having lunch with Aunty Natalie, Nathan and Cameron, and just relaxing.

a good book and a good coffee and mummy is in personal heaven

the club is set in beautiful edge-of-London countryside

Blenheim Palace

We spent one day out at Blenheim Palace - Go to the website to see the most amazing pictures of this 18th Century estate. Here are my humble snapshots: