Thursday, November 6, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conference

Yes, I had a Parent-Teacher Conference for our 19mth-old, hee-hee. Complete with Report Card! Here's how she did:

Excels at:
- communication. Uses above average number of words, spoken clearly & used in correct context. Can use 2-3 word sentences & engages in a back & forth conversation with teacher. Can even sing along to nursery rhymes. Great talker!
- likes imaginative play (pretending to talk on phone, feed baby, etc.)
- physical: can run while holding something, climb & ride bikes.

Not so good at:
- despite great communication, does not yet understand feelings of others (i.e. tell her "Amanda is sad, you took her toy" = Abby doesn't care!).
- frustrated very easily, gets angry when she can't make something do what she wants it to. (This one cracks me up, everyone who knows her knows exactly what the teacher is talking about here! What can I say? She's a toddler, I'm OK with this. Just a determined, impatient toddler sometimes, ha.)

So, overall, a great report for Abigail. I, personally, am grinning from ear to ear over this. This is the same child that would not let go of Jake's or my leg for a good 5 long months without many tears. That was a very trying period, as many of you know. Dropping her off at school now and having her shout 'hi' to the teachers is a whole new Abigail, it's wonderful to finally have the happy child. I love her!

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