Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abigail Turns TWO!

Just doesn't seem right! But yesterday, Abigail Rae turned TWO. I swore I wouldn't but I shed a couple of tears as I tucked her in to bed last night. Because two is not really a baby anymore. She follows us, copies us, chats with us (bosses us), and, I'm told, becomes more & more my mini-me as each day passes.
Sometimes I'm surprised when she shouts "STARRR" with a big exaggerated American 'R', but then a few minutes later she'll say "oh deeyah" like she's never spent a day outside of England. She's petite & dainty, then loud & tomboy-ish all in one moment. She still eats & sleeps like they're both going out of style, yet remains the smallest in her classroom. She prefers the company of adults than other children; thinks she IS an adult, just like I was at her age, my mother tells me. I take her along to EVERYTHING I do, and she toddles along, like she just knows what the world is all about. As her uncle Darryl says "she's been here before, that one".

I have watched her change so much over 2yrs, I almost cannot believe humans take off at that speed. Yesterday at the zoo, a small goat kept lunging for my purse - she walked over to the goat, pointed, & told it "Mummy's" in a very stern voice. I think we got that on video. It is just unbelievable that she is the same 7lb package we carried home from the hospital just 2yrs ago.

OK, I have gone on enough. I'd like to think she will get to read this Blog one day. If you are reading, Abigail - I am so proud of you already, at age 2! I love you more than I will ever be able to explain. Aaaggh, you've got me crying AGAIN. This is supposed to be a celebration!

Happy 2nd Birthday Darling! Love, Mummy. xxx.

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AFandUB said...

What a lovely thought... I do hope Abigale gets a chance to read your blog.
And... good luck with the 'terrible two's'!!

Love ya, AFandUB