Monday, April 27, 2009

The Incident Report

So I get to school this afternoon to pick Abby up and I am asked to sign an Incident Report. Abby is involved in an 'Incident'. The Report says:

Abigail was washing her hands in the bathroom sink. Another child comes up to use it at the same time. Abigail shoves him out the way. He pushes back, so she bites him.

Lovely. I am not surprised, I know I have a feisty little thing that is not liking the 2yr old room very much so far. And is ALWAYS quick to snap. But DANG. So, I signed it, giggling inside but not showing such disregard to the teacher & her Report. I call my best friend Jenn on the way home who says 'that's my girl' (quote). Heehee.

NOTE: No, Jenn and I are not celebrating this behaviour, I don't need anybody calling CPS thanks. I did TRY to talk to my daughter about biting, which she seemed to think has something to do with strollers so I didn't get very far. This post is just meant to give everyone a giggle about the tiniest girl in the room pushing her weight around!

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