Thursday, September 10, 2009


We decided on a mini-staycation with our best friends, the Maggiores. It was a GREAT day! We started with Jakes now-famous waffles for breakfast, with mimosas:

Then, we took the kids to the Childrens Museum of Phoenix: This place was awesome, wish we'd discovered it before. Especially for this age. We were there hours & still didn't see all the exhibits. Matteo & Abigail didn't even notice they hadn't been given any lunch (which if you know these two, is a big statement!)
Craft table:

Painting a pink house, big hit:

More art:

This was a huge room filled with pool noodles hung from the ceiling. A little wild; as the kids tore through it running they couldn't see one step ahead of themselves, so a lot of crashing, but fun. Abby preferred to have Jake carry her through it but we did get this shot:

Then, a room set up as a grocery store:

Somebody's favourite:
Toddler area, complete with playhouse, and Abby's favourite activity: baby dolls to put to bed & cover with blankets (she plays this for hours at home even):

They would have played for hours if we let them. But none of us had eaten, so we all left to go to Jenn's dad's restaurant: where he fed us mountains of sundried tomato & feta pizza. What a day, it was a fabulous staycation!

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