Monday, October 26, 2009

Seventh Wedding Anniversary

In the early summer, I received my friend Anne's wedding invitation. It was to be at this beautiful Courthouse - where we were married! How wonderful to go! Then I saw that it would be on our own wedding anniversary weekend - how funny, huh? So, we planned our next trip home to CA around Anne & Scott's wedding, knowing that it would be the best way possible to celebrate our own.

Grandma babysat Abigail (she got to have In & Out, and go to an Art Gallery opening), so that we could spend some time before Anne & Scott's wedding wandering the Courthouse & standing in the exact spot we were married 7 years ago. We even wrote some special 'notes' & read them to each other at (what we think) was roughly the hour we were saying vows. It got very unexpectedly emotional - we both spoke words so monumental & tender we were both crying! Anyone (all 5 of you) remember this exact spot 7 years ago? Do we look the same, lol?

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