Wednesday, December 16, 2009

School Report

More of the same really:

Cognitive: great imagination - plays restaurant mostly (her favourite thing to do), sometimes trains. Talks into a block as if it's a phone. Can categorise objects by colour & size.

Physical: loves slides & bikes, just starting to like catch.

Language: excellent! Phonetically accurate, easy to understand, picks up new words easily. Likes to pretend she is writing something. Can scribble & then label it as something. Recognises familiar symbols (like McDonalds, mother-of-the-year award goes to me for that ;).

Social: still screams & cries at friends when she is upset instead of telling a teacher. When a teacher does see the situation & ask what's going on, Abby cannot stop crying to find her words. Is improving but needs to work on this at home too. (Didn't really need them to tell me that one, little monkey!) :)

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