Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup 2010

So, I spent the last few weeks following the World Cup. I would say that I had high hopes for England but I didn't, ha ha. That sounds mean-spirited but when it's been since 1966, well, one loses optimism, don't they? I am disappointed not only because football is the World's sport, and the English are so blindly dedicated & devoted to it, but also because I wanted to throw a party for the Final and serve these:

And then I was thinking that if push came to shove, and England were knocked out, but the U.S. played on, I could serve this:

Sadly, both were knocked out in the same weekend. The U.S. had a good run with some close calls and the English, well, they were WHALLOPED out by the Germans 4-1. See you in 2014!


Momma Madonna said...

Ummmmm, yummy. I love that cupcake.

Kelly said...

Ha - how funny, you're online right as I'm posting :)