Thursday, August 26, 2010


In August, Abigail started weekly ballet lessons! I have never wanted to over-schedule my child's day, especially at three years old, but ballet is the one thing I always imagined a daughter doing. If she showed interest, that is, which she did. I danced ballet from age three to age fourteen and it was a huge part of my childhood. I searched for a local ballet school that resembled what I went to, and feel like it may be the only thing she experiences that's even close to my upbringing. 
We found this place -, only a block away, and the home of this year's So You Think You Can Dance winner, if you watch that show. We also really like that parents can bring their morning coffee and sit outside the classroom and watch.

Abby LOVES ballet - from trying on & buying the leotard & shoes, to the very first lesson when she ran right in without a look behind her, she loves loves loves it. So, you can find us there every Saturday at 10am.

you already know this guy has to come everywhere

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