Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big Sibling Class

My posts are going to be all over the place because I'm still catching up on things that happened before Bryony was born. Don't worry, I'll catch up to real-time. Just not that quickly because there's a 7wk old running my life for me now :)

Anyway, just three nights before the baby was born, Abigail took a Big Sibling Class at the hospital (just in time it turned out!). Matteo was there too in preparation for his younger brother on the way. Both of them were among the youngest but they did very well. They learned about what's going to change at home (some interesting comments at the breastfeeding part) and left with a Certificate to prove they were prepared to be a Big Sister/Brother. It was particularly fitting for Abby because she's been telling us for a while that she wants to be a doctor when she's grown up so she LOVED the part where they got to wear scrubs and visit the maternity ward to see a baby born just that day. Here are the pictures!

bringing a baby doll to practice putting on a diaper

Dr. Abigail

cutest doctor I've ever known

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