Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bryony - Three Months Old

Wow, time is flying! And Bryony has really settled. She is not yet sleeping through the night (that post below was a one-off apparently) but she's almost there. I also feel like she never actually had colic. She just had rough evenings. But I think parents forget that that's just what newborns do. And when you're in the thick of it you can't imagine it being much worse. You can't imagine even making it past six weeks old! But when I really read about colic, I learnt that it's a lot rougher time than Bryony ever gave us. And, in the daytimes, well, she's just a delight! A happy smiley baby :)

we're doing this again already?
really? come on, I've had enough
seriously, mum, I'm bored!

And, again, to show Abby at the same age:

And if you really want to see the growth, take a look at the swing photo again:

Thanksgiving Day - 5 days old
Feb 25th - 3 months old

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Keagan said...

Stopping by from the bump....great blog! I think your Abby looks like the female version of my Evan. Super cute!