Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming Lessons

With the new house having a pool, and watching Abigail not get out of nanna & grandads' pool for HOURS, we knew it was time to sign her up for swimming lessons.

A girlfriend of mine recommended the City of Phoenix public pool programme. I didn't expect much because the whole course (8 lessons) cost me just $15. But they were on to something because the eight lessons were every afternoon for two weeks. With just a high-school student lifeguard and my $15 pass, Abby was swimming within days. I was highly impressed - we quickly signed up for level 2 and did two more weeks, and we'll definitely go back next summer for more.

Bryony, so patient in the heat while we watch Abigail

bunch of 4 year old heads at the side of the pool

Certificate of Completion

teacher Ms Alissa, and fellow swimmer Donovan

And here she is in action - my lil' swimmer!

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AF&UB said...

Good Job!!! Both of my kids learned to swim at city programs also. Love ya, AF&UB