Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flowery First Birthday Party

I am becoming known for theme parties! In honour of Bryony's name being a flower, we had a Garden Party. The invitation was made with the artwork of Cicely Mary Barker, who wrote a series of children's books in the 1920s named The Flower Fairies, and included the Bryony Fairy:

I grew up with these books - would never have thought I'd have a Bryony!
Then we decorated the house with flower trimmings:

you can see my revamped chandelier here - so very Novogratz of us ;)

the favours - flowerpots with a lollipop and some seeds to take home

hung on the wall behind the favours
And I am also becoming known for making a theme cake:

Bryony's cake
cupcakes for the guests
Guests of Honour

the cake moment

Bryony had a whole huge petal and, see the video clip, finished it!


Stephanie said...

Oh I can't believe we missed it! It all looks fabulous, though, in true Kelly fashion. :) Happy birthday, Bryony!

AF&UB said...

Great looking party. You really out did yourself this time. Hard to believe Bryony is one year old.
Happy Birthday, Bryony.

Good luck with the dance recital...

Love ya,