Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas in London

There are a million photos from our trip - I've broken them all up into different posts to keep them manageable. I will let the photos show it all - the only words to say are that we had a wonderful time! A lovely English Christmas that delivered all the magic I had promised my girls (and my husband who we all know loves Christmas as much as any child!). And, a special thank you to whoever arranged the slightly milder winter weather for that week - it was cold but not it's usual freeeezing.

our home before we left

jetlag - boy, were we all hit with that!

my heart grows an inch every time I look at this sleepy matching PJs picture

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Momma Madonna said...

OMGosh what a FUN time you all had. So glad you could go, and so glad you made it home safe. See you one of these days soon, I hope.