Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Annual Beach Trip

Another lovely summer vacation in California with the Madonna family! This year it was perfect weather and I was excited to see what Bryony thought of the beach (her sister at this age cried through the whole event). She loved it - she did her best to keep up with Abigail and Morgan running and playing, and showed yet again that she can really hold her own, ha ha. We had cousin-sleep-overs, Bocalli's pizza (of course), some back-to-school shopping, a barbeque with our friends' the Roney's, plenty of time at the beach, and even a wonderful date night for Jake and I. We didn't want to leave!

my own moment of peaceful bliss - the beach. the sky, the fresh air, and Bryony snuggling me under that towel

Grandma, Aunty Jeanne and Grandma Carmen

Bryony having as much fun in the motorhome as Abigail and Morgan did at this age

Abigail & Morgan - who have become the closest of cousins this year :)

with Tayten, not sure where Morgan was for this moment

enjoying Uncle Lance's smores around the fire

big hit Uncle Lance!


Momma Madonna said...

This was so much fun! But, Kelly, no pictures of you!

Momma Madonna said...

Errrr, how could I miss that beautiful pic of you and Miss B? Duh. Gorgeous!!!!!