Saturday, March 23, 2013

Abigail's Sixth Birthday

Abigail turned SIX and her birthday party theme was giraffes. I am surprised we made it to six without doing this theme before, as giraffes have always been her favourite thing. Nanna bought her a wind-up musical giraffe about two months before she was born "in case I'm not here for her birth". And "Fwaffe" has been by her side ever since (as a side note, Bryony has also had a Fwaffe since the day she was born). Abigail probably has a collection of thirty different stuffed animal giraffes, plastic giraffes, giraffe books, giraffe t-shirts, you name it.

Kindergarten Class Birthday Picture

background for the invitations
giraffe favours

giraffe print cake

party in the park

opening cards and presents

balloons as pillows
favourite birthday present

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