Monday, July 22, 2013

Abigail's Letters

Abigail has started storming off to her room when she's mad (glimpse of years to come with two teenage girls in this house!). She then writes us notes and drops them over the banister for us to find. Here's an example. She was mad that Jake had cut a pool noodle in half for Bryony to use:

I feel sort of bad posting this - I'm not one of those parents that can freely embarrass and laugh at their children's expense. But I just love that the note is full of anger towards daddy, and then ends with "Do you still love me? Bring up when done". Exquisite.


Momma Madonna said...

LMAO!!!!! Oh, happy day! What a gal, and so glad she can express her inner feelings so well. hehe

Momma Madonna said...

Please, please, please, MORE PICTURES!!!!