Friday, November 1, 2013

Girl Scouts

In August, Abigail and I went to an open house meeting about joining the Girl Scouts. I myself was a Brownie, and then a Girl Guide growing up. My mother made it all the way to a Queen's Guide - the highest level of Girl Guides you can get to in England (fit to serve the Queen!)

In the open house meeting, it came out that when you have a Kindergartner or First Grader, there are no Troops to join yet. (Second graders and up can most likely join an established Troop). But because Kindergartners and First Graders are the youngest, and new at the school, there are no Troops yet. U...n...l...e...s...s.... the parents step up and volunteer to start one! So, just like that - with a flash of my signature, and a wide-eyed-big-smile-face from my daughter, I became a Daisy Scout Troop Leader!

Luckily, the other mother that signed up to be my Troop Co-Leader is the Director of a small family-run daycare and comes with twenty years of creative ideas and supplies. AND a classroom at her daycare for us to hold meetings in. She is GREAT and I have quickly learned I couldn't do this without her (thank you Nicole, if you are reading this). Neither her or I knew what we were getting into, and we had no idea that the whole Girl Scout movement only happens because of dedicated volunteers. Other than $25 for an official uniform, there really is no money involved - Girl Scouts is supposed to be open to ALL girls, and dues for a meeting are around $3. Our activities are centered around the Girl Scout Promise and Law, which at the Daisy Level looks like this:

The girls have to collect each petal for their vest by earning them at each meeting or outing. This is the part I'm excited about, and what I remember most about Girl Guides in England. So far, the girls have earned 'Courageous and Strong' and 'Be a Sister to Every to every Girl Scout'. This month they are earning 'Considerate and Caring' by donating some of their old toys to children in need this Christmas.

I am excited to see Abigail grow in the Girl Scouts. Grow in personality, and confidence, and spirit. Last month we took the girls to 'Princess in the Park' - an event for Daisies and Brownies hosted by Juniors and Cadettes (15/16 year olds). Our Troop loved it and the older girls told them that they have been Girls Scouts since THEY were five or six. They confirmed what Nicole and I have hoped for our Troop - that they will make lifelong friends in this. Go Girl Scouts!

P.S. We are looking for two more Kindergarteners and two more First Graders for our Troop, or it may fall apart next year (long story). Please let me know if you know anyone interested!

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Momma Madonna said...

OMGosh this is so good of you to lead a troop. So good for the girls, too. I hope you get some new members!