Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mini-Madonna #4

In the middle of my summer at home with the girls, I found out I was pregnant. AGAIN. To skip really fast through a whoooole chapter, I dealt with the anxiety, fear, GUILT, that came along with this and then, as each appointment with my new high-risk OB went well, slowly let myself get excited that this must have happened for a reason. These were the words I used to announce on Facebook in October:

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary, and we have so much to celebrate. Our marriage has been tested more than ever this year, and passed with flying colours as we held each other up in the darkest of days. And now, we are happy/anxious/surprised to announce that our angel baby has sent us a rainbow! Conceived in the depths of grief, we know that this little girl has been sent to bring joy and life back to all of us. Yes, our fourth daughter is on her way. ‪#‎gotgirls‬?

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