Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Springtime with Bryony

After losing Chloe (well, in the middle of the three-week nightmare of losing Chloe I guess), I resigned from my job of ten years. I pulled Bryony out of her school and spent March, April and May being her stay-at-home mum. Then Abigail joined us for June and July (summer break). Jake and I have said it many times - that we think Chloe's message was for us to re-evaluate life and maybe re-prioritise. So, I quit working, with no notice, and with no real plan other than healing from my heartbreak for the immediate future, and enjoying time with the beautiful daughters I'm so lucky to have.

Bryony's writing: starts with her name, ends with two lines of 'o', but a special bit in the middle, in red. She explained: "there's a B with a C, a J with a C, an A with a C, and a K with a C. That's to show Bryony loves Chloe, Jake loves Chloe, Abigail loves Chloe, and Kelly loves Chloe".

she HATES when I make her wear something she didn't choose

they still love to help me cook

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