Thursday, July 9, 2009

Girls Day at Toys R Us

I had last Friday off from work. Jake didn't. So it was a girls day!

After breakfast sharing a yogurt parfait (the sharing meaning 85% Abigail, 15% me), I took her to Toys R Us. I expected somewhat of a disaster now that we are more than capable of spreading a chest of toys across the whole house within minutes at home. And maybe a fight when we left. So, I explained that we were going to 'look' at the toys, and that maybe, if she was good, we could pick one to 'pay munny' & bring home.

So, we started by looking at backyard kiddie pools (that's paddling pools for anyone English reading). Nothing to really touch there, safely wrapped in boxes. Then we looked at bikes, dollhouses, books, puzzles, and a long time at a Thomas train table. Every time I asked her to put something back, she did it. And every time I told her "this way now", she came - without fuss. It was going swimmingly well. Her favourite area was the baby-dolls; especially the strollers, swings; all kinds of things 'just like mummy's'.

Along the way, up and down each aisle, she was carrying one thing at all times and I couldn't wait to see which would be the winner and come home with us. It was at first a plastic dinosaur. He was put down for an electronic puppy that barked. Then a princess crown. And finally, at the end, I said "right, it's time to go, what do you want to 'pay munny' for and bring home with us?"

With complete understanding and zero 'moments', my adorable, well-behaved little girl chose these:

Yep, those 'magic' baby bottles that haven't changed since I played with them myself 30yrs ago. So I got out of Toys R Us for $3.99 (apparently could have been even less if I'd taken her to the Dollar Store where I found this picture online). Abby 'paid munny', said 'thank you wady' to the cashier, and proudly carried her bag to the car. We drove home quietly (worn out), got in, and I sat to feed baby 1 (they don't have names) milk, while she sat and fed baby 2 the orange juice. She was focused on copying me, and I could tell, loving her choice of toy.

It was a GREAT morning showing me the joys of having a little girl. Who was so good!

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