Friday, July 3, 2009

Relaxing at Grandma's

I took this one just to capture the morning hairstyle:
Grandma stocked the house with markers, they were a hit, apparently kids don't use crayons anymore:
Sharon babysat the both of them one afternoon. She said, across the table, Abby announced to Morgan "my daddy". Morgan said "my daddy". Abby said "no its MY daddy". Morgan said "no its MY daddy". Keep in mind NEITHER daddy is there at the time. Sharon said she watched this escalate until Abigail burst into tears & she had to step in & tell them that they BOTH have a daddy - "yours is Jake & yours is Lance". Episode over. 5 mins later she hears Abby say "MY mummy"..... Bless her for babysitting :)

Grandma's shady yard is perfect for eating outside:

Especially if a big gooey chocolate cake is involved:

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