Saturday, January 15, 2011

About Bryony

So far, I've posted lots of pictures of Bryony but not stopped to talk about her. Where to start?

Well, firstly I'm patting myself on the back for doing a great job breast-feeding. I struggled with Abigail (clueless first-timer) and armed myself with more information this time. And, unlike Abby, I now have a big fat healthy baby! It's a great feeling to watch her grow so well off of my efforts. I am pumping at work and so far staying ahead of her which is not easy because she likes to feed all the time, night and day.

Which brings me to sleep. Hmm. She likes to get up to feed. Abigail was a sleeper. Bryony is an eater. I am learning how to function on a lot less sleep than I'd like and haven't slept more than a 5hr stretch since the last trimester of pregnancy. But there are signs that she's getting it! She is now able to sleep 7:30pm to about 3am, then it's usually 5:30am or 6am. That's pretty good for a baby, right? Just not so easy for her working mother ;)

Other that that, there's not much to report yet! She is just now starting to smile at us. It is the first sign that she's about to make the leap from heavy blob that eats, sleeps, cries and poos to an actual personality and I can't wait! Despite some rough evenings (colicky inconsolable fussiness right about 5pm), I am head over heels in love with Bryony. She has already captured my heart like I didn't think anyone but her older sister could. I want to stop time - stop her from turning two months next week, and stop both of them from this rush to grow that they both seem determined to do. And even though I'm thoroughly excited to watch Bryony do all the things Abby did, plus watch the relationship between the two, I'm having so much fun with her NOW. Stop rushing ahead Bryony. Just enjoy infancy for a while :)

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Anonymous said...

More great pictures!! Grandma M looks great. Thanks for sharing.
Love ya, AFandUB