Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bryony - Two Months Old

Bryony looks a lot like Abigail at this age, minus the crazy hairstyle:

And this picture doesn't show it but where she differs is in size. She's huge! For comparisons sake; Abigail was born 3 days late at a healthy 7lbs 12oz. At two months old, she was 1.5lbs bigger weighing 9lbs 2oz. Bryony, on the other hand, born 3 weeks early and starting out at only 6lbs 12oz, just checked into her 2mth appt at 11lbs 3oz. Yes, she has gained 4.5 lbs and is 2lbs more than Abby at the same age! As mentioned before, I'm so proud. Instead of a baby born at 50th percentile and quickly dropping to 10th, I have one born at 10th who quickly fed her way to 50th :) 

my chunky monkey!

She is still a handful in the evenings and pushes our patience to it's limits with her colicky fussiness. It's hard because you can see your baby is obviously uncomfortable and there seems to be nothing you can do for her but listen to the crying :( Jake even tried driving her around in the car last night to calm her down and that resulted in an even bigger headache: he forgot to close the garage door behind him when he got back, so this morning we woke to discover golf clubs, bike and brand-new snowboarding gear gone! Not a good start to the weekend :( He spent the morning on the phone filing a police report and an insurance claim and we cursed the bad people of the world together. Luckily the girls cheered him up this afternoon with their adorable sisterhood. Especially Abigail reading her Body book to Bryony, check out the video:

it's a good job she's this flippin' CUTE!

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