Friday, May 20, 2011

Bryony - Six Months Old

Happy Half Birthday Bryony!

Absolutely the quickest six months of my life. She has swept me through 2011 so quickly because she's just so, well, ... easy. My always-happy beautiful piece of perfection! (I am completely in love in case you couldn't tell). She's weighing in at 15lbs 10oz and well on her way to much more now that we've introduced these:

Yep, that's sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, pears and the like, all pureed into cute little jars. Just like her older sister, we've yet to find one that she doesn't greedily suck down faster than you can refill the spoon. I am really enjoying this next stage and she is too (wouldn't you be if all you'd ever known was breastmilk and formula eight times a day?!)

So, at six months old, I am indeed sad that the infancy chapter is complete but also excited to see what the second half of her first year brings. Bring on the crawling, babbling, belly-laughing ... teething even?!


Jamie said...

Aww your little one is so cute!

Mine will be 6 months in about a week and we're starting solids on Sunday.

I actually JUST blogged about it. I am so excited but a little sad. We're starting with Rice Cereal.

Kelly said...

It's pretty neat to have a 6mth old, isn't it? Bryony has been on rice cereal since 4mths, and oatmeal since 5mths. She's a little eater! We just started vegetables & fruits and she loves them all :) Good Luck!

P.S. I read to start with vegs before fruits otherwise they get a taste for the sweets and won't take savoury ... ? Just a thought!