Friday, May 13, 2011

The Lovely Bones

I said last year that I would post every time I finished a book just to see how many I got through in the year. I started off strong, but then lost my summer to my busy job, and my pregnancy, and only managed one book from June to October or something. I think the total count for the year 2010 was six books. Not very impressive. And, sadly, I haven't kicked 2011 off to the best start either since I only just finished my first book of the year and it's already May! I will blame having a young baby; can I get away with that?! My work has definitely slowed down but my personal alarm clock, Miss Bryony, has not. I am determined to read more than six books for this year, if I can, and will continue to cut crappy TV shows out of my life to achieve it. Wish me luck!

So, book number one was The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Another book that was a big hit a few years ago and I'm only just getting around to. And I'll be honest here and admit that I've had it checked out of the library since December. I just kept renewing and renewing it and never started actually reading it. I thought it was a heavier read than it was so I kept postponing it for that elusive day when I could sit and concentrate. Silly. I should have given it a shot so much earlier because it was a pleasant easy read (and because I never get quiet days to sit and concentrate, ha). I liked it. Liked it but not loved it. I got a lot out of the suburban picture and the family relationships. And it kept me gripped enough to finish it pretty quickly which means I must have liked it. And that's all I needed out of this book - just to get the reading ball rolling again. On to number two ...

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