Friday, July 22, 2011

Our New Home

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the biggest news of our year is that we have moved! We are only about 4 miles from our old house, but we're in a bigger space (we were busting at the seams) and a nicer neighbourhood, and we have a POOL that we can't keep Abigail out of :) Jake & I always said we could only survive living in Phoenix if we had a pool and I'm not sure why we bought our first house without one. We love it so much - we're in it every day!

But we're also very busy - the new house had no kitchen sink, no light fixtures, no ceiling fans, no appliances and hundreds of projects for us to tackle. It's going to take quite a while to fix up but I am so lucky to have Jake who works so hard and is so great at this stuff, and who wants to make it my dream home for me. He is so productive that it is already coming together nicely - he hops right to it, while I take about four months just to pick a paint colour, ha.

So, pictures to come when we are all out of boxes. And, all friends and family are welcome to come see it for themselves and stay whenever they want now that we have a spare bedroom again! The door is open .....

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AF&UB said...

Congratulations!!! Be sure to send me your new address... Love ya, AF&UB