Thursday, June 28, 2012


Lily the Frog is the star of this post. She belongs to Abigail's classroom and gets to spend her weekends with the children, going home with them one at a time. She comes to you with a journal that you help your child complete with pictures and stories of Lily's adventures while staying with them. The journal was fun to read because it was almost four years old by the time it was finally Abigail's turn (I have a feeling I will see Lily again a few years from now when Bryony hits Pre-K). Abigail could not wait (she also actually cried on the Monday morning when it was over) and I was lucky that we did indeed host Lily on a busy weekend with lots of opportunity for the journal.

plastic play food, Abigail insisted that Lily only eat green items?!

ballet lesson

celebrating the Queens Jubilee

shoe-shopping with mummy

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