Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snow Patrol

I recently went to see Snow Patrol in concert. I love when you go to a concert with minimum expectation and then get blown away by how much better the band is than that. I LOVED this show! I'm calling Snow Patrol my new Coldplay and keep warning Jake that he had better watch out because I might run off with lead singer Gary Lightbody. Look them up, buy a couple songs and fall in love with me! As one critic put it, there's no reason Snow Patrol shouldn't be the biggest band out of Ireland right behind U2. And if you get the chance to go see them, do it! Live they were just amazing, and because only a small crowd in the U.S. have caught on, you will be in a nice intimate venue just a few steps away from the stage. I heart Snow Patrol.

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andrea said...

We have seen them twice, in London and Atlanta, and they were amazing in both!