Saturday, September 1, 2012


My Blog seems to be Abigail, Abigail, Abigail sometimes. That's just because so many events evolve around her (starting Kindergarten this year especially). So here is a post all about my Bryony. What I really need to do is come back with a video because the pictures just don't show enough of her adorableness! 

Life is so fun at this age - she now talks constantly and copies everything big sister is doing. She is showing a little of the terrible twos already and, sadly for her, it's nothing but funny and cute so she doesn't get very far with her tantrums.

I mentioned in an earlier post that she's very attached to mummy and I am loving that! I have to say, she has definitely got the bonus of a more experienced mother - I had a hard time with Abigail at this age but Bryony is a different story. She is my bundle of fun and hugs.

Her personality is like Abby in some ways, and complete opposite in others. She's braver both physically and socially - in fact, sometimes Abigail will rely on Bryony in a new situation. She is the size and weight of Abigail on her third birthday and hasn't yet hit two. She still loves Minnie Mouse, also the pantry, and her pacifier (we have that battle coming up).

She's growing faster than I can keep up and my heart loves her more and more every day!<3 p="p">

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