Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Due Date!

So, today, December 8th, was the date I focused on all year. The Big Countdown. And somehow it feels like Bryony's been here forever already. It feels even longer since I was last at work. Maternity leave is such a time warp.

Where do I start with the last two and a half weeks? It's been ... challenging. What is that saying? Out of the frying pan, into the fire! You definitely trade one set of aches & pains in for another. Bryony is thriving and already a pound more than her birth weight which is WONDERFUL. And not surprising because all we do is FEED. But the commitment to breastfeeding has been very challenging for me. In fact, 'recovery' in general - much more difficult than the first time. Nobody talks about the first two weeks at home and how hard they really are!

There have been two things that have really helped get me through. Firstly, I've read some silly light humour while I breastfeed and, while these two books won't count as intelligent reading for the year, they have really helped with perspective and comfort:

I could pull quotes out of both books for hours!

And, secondly, the support of my mother this time. I wouldn't have stuck with the breastfeeding if she weren't here with her words of encouragement too. And her home-cooked meals, ha ha. It makes it particularly fitting that Bryony has her middle name.


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